New Zealand Māori Tourism

New Zealand Māori Tourism is committed to working with the Māori tourism sector to contribute to our economy, to provide compelling visitor experiences, and to build a strong commercial and cultural leadership.

We support leaders and partnerships that generate value in the Māori and wider tourism sector. This creates opportunity and ensures the growth and quality of Māori tourism experiences.

Positioning Māori tourism in this way allows Māori to take a leadership role in how visitors experience our country.

Māori leading Aotearoa New Zealand visitor experiences – Mā te pūkenga Māori te wheako Māori i Aotearoa nei, e ārahi.

For clarification or enquiries, please contact the SPTE Secretariat on:

Email: spte@spto.org

Phone: +679 3304177

Fax: +679 3301995