Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are thinking of how you can get value for your money and reach a greater international audience in terms of your brand or product awareness, then SPTE 2018 is the event for you. There are sponsorship opportunities available at SPTE 2018, specifically for the following:

Date Event Time Sponsorship amount (FJD) SPONSORS Confirmed

12th April, 2018

    SPTE Lunch – Day 1 12.50 – 1.50pm TBA AVAILABLE

13th April, 2018

  SPTE Morning Tea – Day 2 10.30 – 10.45am TBA AVAILABLE
  SPTE Lunch – Day 2 12.55 -1.55pm TBA AVAILABLE
  SPTE Afternoon Tea  – Day 2 4.05- 4.20pm TBA AVAILABLE

As a Sponsor of one of the above events, you will be provided the following entitlements, however dependent on level of Sponsorship you choose:

  1. Company or product profile displayed under the Sponsors page;
  2. Display of up to 5  banners at the main event stage (depending on Sponsorship level);
  3. Display of your company logo or videos on TV screens stationed at the event venue;
  4. Special mention of Sponsors at the official opening and closing ceremonies;
  5. 3-5 minutes presentation or speaking time at your sponsored event;

Travel and engagement costs for your entertainment groups are not included and will be at your own cost.

Contact the Secretariat on spte@spto.org to secure your spot now!.