Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority

A Land of A Million Different Journeys and Investment Opportunities

Papua New Guinea remains one of the world’s last great adventure destinations. But while the seasoned and intrepid traveller would dare to call it adventure, we love to refer to it as a journey. A Journey, because Papua New Guinea is truly a world of its own cocooned in a centuries old time capsule of amazing cultures, beautiful islands and golden sandy beaches surround by the great Pacific Ocean teeming with colourful fish and corals, and its interior lined with rugged mountains blanketed by the world’s last great remaining tropical rainforests inhibited by unique and diverse birds, plants and animal life. Yes, our Papua New Guinea is a land of a Million Different Journeys.

In a land where there are 800 different languages – of course the largest congregation of varying lingos found anywhere else on planet earth – and home to a thousand different tribes – our unique cultures and traditions has been a major tourist attraction. All year round, major cultural shows around the country attract thousands of tourists who come to witness the colourful singsings, capture an abundance of photographs and videos and just live the experience with the friendly locals. There is also plenty of adventure trekking, bird watching – particularly the unique Birds of Paradise or diving our crystal clear seas lined with a kaleidoscope of breathtaking reefs. There is an abundance of war history strewn with its own relics from World War 2 both on land and below the ocean and there is also lots of game fishing particular for the world renowned Papuan Black Bass. Cruising our 600 plus tropical islands on luxury ships or adventure yachts is also very popular and surfing uncrowded reef and beach breaks is a must.

While our international visitor numbers of around 200,000 per annum are modest compared to current global tourism trends, we have seen a steady increase of around 12 percent in the last 5 years since 2015.

The Papua New Guinea Government is actually now more focused and committed to tourism development through increased appropriation in the national budget for the Tourism Sector Development Initiative. It is also creating conducive investment environment for growth in the tourism sector through appropriate tax breaks. In fact, there has been an increase in investments in new international brand hotels in the last 5 years to cater for an ever increasing market for regional and international meetings such as the recently concluded Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting. APEC 2018 hosted in PNG’s capital city Port Moresby drew world leaders from major APEC Economies such as United States, China, Australia and Canada among others and also drew the attention of the international media.

The National Government has investment in major infrastructure projects around the country such as roads, wharves and airports which will not only provide accessibility to tourism attractions in the country but increase customer convenience and satisfaction at modern airport terminals.