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Media Registration Form

Important Notes

  1. Once you have completed all required information and your registration has been submitted, an email notification will be sent to you that your registration has been received and has been successful;
  2. You will be informed via email within 5 working days of receipt of your registration and we will provide you with an invoice, advising you of the deadline for your payment.
  3. Due to limited space, you are recommended to make payment before the deadline date noted on your invoice to qualify as an approved media. Failure to do so will deem your registration invalid and this will be cancelled automatically. Securing your space as Media is only confirmed upon receipt of payment.
  4. All payments should be made payable to the PACIFIC TOURISM ORGANISATION (SPTO) and will need to make reference to your specific invoice number, in order for the SPTE Secretariat to identify and receipt you for your payment.
  5. Registration and Media biography information must be completed and submitted together. Please ensure to streamline your company biography up to fifty (50) words. Registration to attend SPTE is subject to approval by the SPTE Committee, which has the discretion to screen all incoming registrations.
  6. Applicants must understand that all communication between themselves and the SPTE Secretariat will be via emails which include updates on SPTE.
  7. Should your email address change after you register, the SPTE Secretariat must be informed of the change immediately.